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What is it?
Our healthy desserts are a new type of soft serve made just from fruit. Not to be confused with sorbet, frozen yogurt and ice cream our desserts contain no sugar syrup, water or dairy base to make them. All our desserts are just made from fruit and sweetened with either dates or natural fruit extracts. That's it. We never use any artificial flavors, colors preservatives or any other nasties in our desserts. This is what makes them so unique and original. It also makes them completely natural and a healthy alternative without compromising on taste. 
Do you add sugar?
We do not use any table white sugar, high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners or cane sugar in our desserts. We sweeten our desserts with either dates or natural fruit extracts.
What are natural fruit extracts?
Natural fruit extracts are the macerated forms of various fruits. These fruits are boiled down until you get a concentrated version of the fruits. This process only uses the natural sugars which are contained in the fruit and helps to add a bit of extra natural sweetness to our desserts. It is all natural and only from the fruits themselves.
What flavors do you have?
We have four flavors. They are all single fruit or fruit combinations flavors. This allows us to create a layered tasting experience with different flavors designed to hit your tastebuds at every moment.
Do you rotate your flavors or are they always the same?
Flavors do rotate occassionally. We plan on rotating some of the flavors to give people a seasonal taste. If you have any suggestions just let us know - email us or come visit us at the store (just remember it has to be made from fruit).
Do they contain dairy?
No. All of our desserts are dairy free, vegan and completely plant based. 
Do they contain soy?
No. All of our desserts are soy free. Some toppings may contain soy - please ask in store for further details.
Do they contain nuts?
None of our soft serve contain nuts as an ingredient. Please note that we offer nuts as a topping and the utensils used to handle the nuts are washed with the same utensils use to make our soft serve.
Are you Organic?
Not currently. Going forward, organic is something we would like to achieve and something we are working towards. As we use only pure fruit and fruit pulp in our desserts this makes them more expensive to produce and source (we add no water or dairy to bulk any of our flavors out and each one is made up of its own individual base). As we grow this should become easier to achieve. In the interim we use only the best pure fruit and fruit pulp we can find.
Are your toppings all dairy free?
We try to source all of our toppings so that they are dairy free. Please note that whilst the toppings are dairy free some are processed in a factory that handle dairy. 
If you have any questions about specific toppings please ask a team member at the store. 
Can I mix flavors?
Yes. You can mix as many flavors as you want into a cup. It tests our swirling skills and lets you have the combination you want.
What are the nutritionals?
The nutritionals per ounce for the current flavors are as follows:

Coconut & Cacao:
- Calories - 59 k/cal 
- Fat - 1.9g
- Carb - 5.8g
- Sugar - 3.0g

- Calories - 25 k/cal
- Fat - 0g
- Carb - 6.0g
- Sugar - 4.5g

Pineapple & Passionfruit:
- Calories - 24 k/cal
- Fat - 0g
- Carb - 5.8g
- Sugar - 5.3g

- Calories - 25 k/cal
- Fat - 0g
- Carb - 6.0g
- Sugar - 4.5g

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