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Everything we make is 100% plant based! Never to be confused with ice cream, sorbet or frozen yogurt – our frozen treats are completely different. We threw away the rule book when coming up with our recipes. You see we use no base (like dairy, almond milk or water). Instead we let our ingredients do all the work. This makes each flavor unique and different in taste, texture and experience. Sugar…you won’t find that here either. We use no refined sugars, stevia, corn syrup or any other artificial things to sweeten our treats. Instead we use natural fruit sugars – using things like dates, maple syrup or apples, pears and peaches to add natural sweetness.

Vegan, Dairy Free, Plant Based, Gluten Free

Made Completely from Fruit

Chocolate (coconut milk, cacao and dates)

Our signature flavor. A real chocolate lover’s dream. Made entirely from coconut milk, cacao and dates – this flavor is rich, “chocolately” and intense. It’s the only flavor that will always be on the menu board because when it isn’t people get angry (it’s that good).

Passion Fruit (pineapple, passion fruit and for sweetness apple, pear and peach)

Tart, tropical and refreshing! Made from pineapples, passion fruit and sweetened with apples, pears and peach this soft serve is perfect- think Hawaii and you are there (do it…now).

Strawberry Banana (strawberry, banana and for sweetness apple, pear and peach)

Who doesn’t love strawberry and bananas. Our take on a strawberry and banana nice cream it is thick, sweet and yummy. Imagine a frozen smoothie and you are there. Perfect anytime of the day (and best of all it is the lowest in calories just 18 k/cal per ounce).

Pina Colada (pineapple, coconut milk and for sweetness apple, pear and peach)

“If you like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain…” – okay, so no-one likes getting caught in the rain, but we can tell you something you will like and that is our pina colada soft serve. Made completely from pineapples, coconut milk and sweetened with apples, pears and peaches – one mouthful and you will be in tropical paradise (no rain, we promise).

Kids Cup

Small Cup/Cone

Medium Cup

Large/Take-Home Cup

A bowl made up of a layer of granola, your choice of soft serve and any 4 toppings you choose together with a drizzle. Perfect any time of the day our bowls are made for when you want something more substantial.

The ultimate in Instagram-worthiness. We take a coconut shell and fill it with your choice of soft serve. Add on any two toppings of your choice, a sprinkling of pink dragon fruit powder and an edible flower (of course). Take your picture and then enjoy!

Coconut Bowl