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Grocery Pints

Oh yeah, we do grocery pints!

Want to take Frozen Fruit Co home with you? Well, now you can with our range of Grocery Pints. Available in our three most popular flavors – Chocolate, Chocolate Mint and Passion Fruit. We developed our grocery pints in response to the overwhelming demand of people asking to be able to get our plant based ice cream outside of our Food Truck and Store.


Coconut Milk, Date Syrup, Dutched Cocoa.

Coconut Milk, Date Syrup, Dutched Cocoa, Organic Peppermint Extract (Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Peppermint Oil).

Passion Fruit

Pineapple Juice, Passion Fruit Puree and Natural Fruit Sweetener of Apple, Pear and Peach.

Everything we need to know about our grocery pints!

What flavors are available?

We are launching with three of our most popular flavors to begin with: Chocolate, Chocolate Mint and Passion Fruit. More will follow as we grow.

Where are they available?

Our grocery pints will be available at select retailers in the Los Angeles area to begin with. We will put a list of where you can find them on the site as they get stocked.

How can I order for my store?

Orders can be placed by emailing ORDERS@FROZENFRUITCO.COM

Can I get samples?


If you are a grocery store in the Los Angeles area just email ORDERS@FROZENFRUITCO.COM with your request for samples and we will arrange for some to be sent over to you.

How can I get you stocked at my local grocery store?

If you want us stocked at your local grocery store the best way is to mention it to the manager at the store and pass on our details. Stores listen to customers and it’s the best way of making sure we can be stocked near you.

Do you have a RangeMe Profile?

Yes, we do! You can visit it by clicking here.