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Scoop Truck

The “Ice Cream” Truck of the future is here…and it is Plant Based!

Ice Cream Truck.

Say “hello” to the latest edition of the Frozen Fruit Co family…

…yes, its official. We are proud owners and operators of a little pink plant based “ice cream” truck. Launched in July 2018, we decided to launch an “ice cream” truck to deal with the growing demand for our plant based vegan frozen treats (plus who doesn’t love an “ice cream” truck!).
The truck does both events and street vending operating across Los Angeles. What’s the main difference between the truck and the store (other than being mobile)? Well, the truck offers scoops instead of soft serve. This means it offers more flavors and more variety than we can at the store with our soft serve.
Perfect for events – whether corporate, private parties, social or catering for production sets – the truck lets us bring you some plant based action to wherever you need us in Los Angeles.

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