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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know

What is it?

It’s plant based ice cream!

Image a frozen treat that is made completely from fruit and plants and sweetened with natural fruit sugars such as dates or apples, pears and peaches. Well, that’s what we do. We make plant-based ice cream. You see our ice cream is different from sorbet, frozen yogurt, or dairy ice cream. That’s because they do not contain any sugar syrup, water, or dairy base to make them. In fact, we use no base at all. Each of our flavors is unique. We rely on our individual ingredients to do all the work. Simple ingredient list, but is big on flavor.

If you want to see our ingredient list then just check out our flavor page.

Do you add sugar?

We do not add cane sugar to any of our ice creams. We sweeten our ice creams with natural fruit sugars – like organic date syrup, organic agave, or sometimes maple syrup (depending on the flavor).

We do not use any table white sugar, high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, cane sugar, Stevia, or Xylitol in our ice cream. We sweeten our ice cream with either date syrup, organic agave, or maple syrup. We do not make the majority of our toppings – some of these do contain sugar. Always check with our team members when ordering.

How many flavors do you have?

At any one time, we have 7 flavors

Quality, not quantity is important to us (plus we have a small store and ice cream truck). At any one time, we try and have 7 rotating flavors. Flavors rotate on a monthly basis. Check out our flavors page for a list of our current flavors. If you ever have any flavor suggestions let us know using the contact us page.

Do you rotate flavors?


We try and rotate at least one flavor out per month. Some flavors, like our banana pumpkin spice, are seasonal. Always check our flavor page to see what flavors are currently available.

Does anything contain soy?

No – all of our ice creams are soy free.

Please note that whilst all of our ice creams are soy free, some of our toppings may contain soy. Ask your server if you have any specific questions.

Do they contain nuts?

Some flavors do. 

Whilst most of our flavors do not use nuts, we do use nuts in a variety of our flavors (such as Chocolate Peanut Butter, Strawberry Cheesecake, Cookies & Cream, as well as a variety of Special Weekend flavors). To this extent, we are not a nut-free production facility and can not guarantee nut-free contact.

We also offer nuts as a topping and the utensils used to handle the nuts are washed with the same utensils used to make our ice creams.

Are you organic?

Not yet.

Going forward, organic is something we would like to achieve and something we are working towards. As we use only pure fruit, plants, and fruit pulp in our desserts this makes them more expensive to produce and source (we add no water or dairy to bulk any of our flavors out and each one is made up of its own individual base). Where possible we try and use organic ingredients such as organic date syrup or organic agave, for example.

As we grow this should become easier to achieve. In the interim we use only the best fruit and fruit pulp we can find.

Are all your toppings dairy free?


We offer a section of toppings. All of our toppings are dairy-free (even the chocolate ones). We even have, wait for it, vegan marshmallows (they are pretty epic). If you have any questions about toppings, just ask your server at the store.

Our extra special toppings include chocolate peanut butter cups which we make ourselves. These are just made from coconut oil, cocoa, dates, and unsweetened peanut butter.

Can I mix flavors?

Yes, yes and yes

You can do 2 half scoops in a single scoop cup and mix up scoops in any of our larger sizes. Just ask!

Can I order online?

Yes you can

You can order online from us via Postmates, Ubereats, Doordash, and Grubhub. We keep your order cold until collection and it’s the perfect way to get your Frozen Fruit Co fix without leaving the house.