Wow, 2018 is over. What a year. Where did it go? How did we manage to miss so many things? Why didn’t I exercise more? If we were to sum up our 2018 it would be this – “Trucking Around”. That’s 2018 for us – it was the year of our plant based ice cream truck (affectionately known as “Truckie“).
But, before we get down to it here is our breakdown of 2018.

What we achieved in 2018?

  • We had a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign (one of the hardest things we have ever done);
  • After a year we finally launched our plant based ice cream truck;
  • We moved from a soft serve concept to an all scoop based concept;
  • We upgraded to a big time professional “ice cream” making machine (it only took like 10 people to lift it up);
  • We built a new website…ourselves (was so painful but at least we have new IT skills); and
  • We launched a whole bunch of new flavors: Salted Chocolate, Salted Date, Chocolate Mint, Banana Pumpkin Spice, Vanilla Coconut, Banana Strawberry.

Highlight of the Year?

The first day we went out on the Truck. We just parked up in Studio City and people started coming up to us and ordering. It was amazing.

Proudest Achievement?

We spent the whole of 2018 without getting one parking ticket for the truck! Have probably completely jinxed us now in 2019.

Best Moment?

Having someone stalking us in the truck and forcing us to pull over on a side street so they can get some Frozen Fruit Co scoops (…a clear case of “scoop rage” – see what we did there).

Worst Moment?

The last weekend in November. A stray piece of debris from the highway shredded all the belts on our engine of the truck. The truck was completely immobile as a result. We had about 2 hours to find someone who would tow it to our mechanic. No one wanted to tow it because of it’s size and we have never had anything towed before so had no clue what we were doing. Finally, within 30 minutes of our mechanic closing for the weekend we found a tow company. It was luckily an easy fix, but an extremely stressful few hours.

Flavor of the Year?

Has to be Salted Chocolate.

Best Event of the Year?

Vegan Street Fair Sundays. It was just awesome. We couldn’t keep up with the lines.

Favorite Topping of the Year?

Chocolate Magic Shell

Favorite Riddle of 2018

The day before two days after the day before tomorrow is Saturday. What day is it today?
… we still don’t get it.

What’s Coming in 2019?

Pints, Pints and Pints. We are hoping to launch our range of grocery store pints in 2019. Initial flavors will include Chocolate, Chocolate Mint and Passionfruit.
Happy 2019 Lovely People!
Big Love
Michael & Victoria
Frozen Fruit Co