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3 Ways To Increase Happiness

3 Ways To Instantly Increase Happiness

Hello lovely people!
It is officially the second week of January and according to the internet, Monday 13 January was officially the most depressing day of the year (boo). In fact, the second Monday of the New Year is officially known as “Blue Monday”. Yep, Blue Monday is a thing. That’s why in this blog post we wanted to share with you some easy and sure-fire ways to shake off those January Blues and increase your happiness levels (and no they do not involve eating our delicious plant based ice cream – although that should be one of them) – we want to be as insightful and helpful as possible to you lovely people.
But first…

What is Blue Monday

Blue Monday is the name given to a day in January (typically the first Monday of the month – although in 2020 it is actually the second Monday of the month) claimed to be the most depressing day of the year. The concept was first coined in a 2005 press release from holiday company Sky Travel (go figure) which claimed to have calculated the date using equations. Basically, the whole thing is a pseudoscience – essentially not scientifically determined at all. That said it did get us thinking – what are some sneaky shortcuts we could use in everyday life to help us beat off those times we start to feel blue and increase those happiness levels. Because let’s face it – we all want to be happier.

It’s all about Science

The reality is our moods are very much chemical. Mostly how we feel and act are determined by a small number of chemicals in our brains: Oxytocin, Serotonin, Cortisol and Dopamine (to name the main culprits).
Oxytocin: the love feeling. Makes people feel good and is released when we feel secure and connected.
Serotonin: the feeling of calm. Makes us feel comforted.
Cortisol: the feeling of stress. Makes us engage our fight or flight response.
Dopamine: the feeling of pleasure. Rewards us for behaviors we enjoy.
Believe it or not there are some ways of controlling how much our bodies produce these hormones. By using little tricks we can help influence the impact these chemicals have on us.

3 Ways To Increase Happiness

1. Positively reminiscing

One-way Serotonin is released is by positively reminiscing (i.e. thinking about positive memories). Simply reflect on your past focusing on those achievements, goals or events that made you happy. Boom – instant Serotonin boost. Look through old photos or have a specific memory to hand and a photo you carry with you to remind you of those events. Use it when you are feeling down.

2. Reward yourself more often

Reward yourself on a daily basis for the completion of small tasks. Dopamine is released when we feel pleasure, get a reward or receive gifts. So, to get a Dopamine hit make sure you are constantly rewarding yourself for every and any little task or objective you complete. The reward does not have to be large or extravagant – it could be merely something like a cup of coffee you have been waiting to have or to watch a film if you complete a task.

3. Embrace Hugging

Oxytocin is produced by the people around us. The moment you start to feel in a bad mood find someone, anyone (preferably someone you know and love) to hug. Hugging can help increase that warm and fuzzy feeling which helps produce Oxytocin. Hugging your spouse or partner on a regular basis can also help to increase Oxytocin and your relationship. Hugging – who knew. If you are not a hugger maybe it is time to change.

It all about Chemicals

Semi-Sonic were on to something when they sang the song “Chemicals” because the reality is it is all about chemicals. Even if we don’t feel like it is, how we act, feel and interact with others can be controlled if we learn to understand and control how our brains work. The next time you start to feel down reward yourself, reminisce and go hug someone you care about. Sometimes it is the small things that can make a difference (that and eating some plant based vegan ice cream…obviously).
Big Love
Question Mark - Riddles

Our 10 Favorite Riddles

If you can’t tell we love a good riddle at Frozen Fruit Co. Whether it is the weekly riddle we write on our windows at the store or the one we leave at the end of our newsletter (yes, we know some of you literally scroll to the bottom of our newsletter just for the riddle…you have a problem), we just love a good riddle.
To share our appreciation of all things “riddle” we thought we would share 10 of our favorite riddles. Answers are at the bottom of this blog.
But, first…

What is a riddle?

A riddle is a statement, question or phrase which has a double or veiled meaning, put forth as a puzzle to be solved (thank you Wikipedia).
Riddles can be two types. They can be (1) enigmas; or (2) conundra.
Enigmas are problems expressed in metaphorical or allegorical language that requires careful thinking in order to solve (for example, I’m tall when I’m young and I’m short when I’m old. What am I? A candle). These are more logical based riddles.
Conundra are usually difficult questions that rely on using a play on words (for example, what is the longest word in the dictionary? Smiles, because there is a mile between each ‘s’). These are the types or riddle that make you think riddles are silly or non-sensical.

Our 10 favorite riddles

  1. The day before two days after the day before tomorrow is Saturday. What day is it today?
  2. What is the missing number 19, 09, 88, ? , 68
  3. What word has three consecutive double letters?
  4. A man rode into town on Tuesday and left two days later on Tuesday. How?
  5. I have two fruits. If you rearrange the name of 1 you get the other. What are they?
  6. I am a rare case where today comes before yesterday. What am I?
  7. What can be seen in the middle of March and April that can’t be seen at the beginning or end of either month?
  8. What gets wet while drying?
  9. What can you break, even if you never pick it up or touch it?
  10. If you have me you want to share me. If you share me, you haven’t got me. What am I?
What was your favorite riddle? Or do you have a favorite riddle? Share in the comments and you never know it may appear at the end of our newsletter.
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Big Riddle Love
1. Friday; 2. 78; 3. Bookkeeper; 4. the horse’s name was “Tuesday”; 5. Lemon and Melon; 6. A Dictionary; 7. the letter ‘r’; 8. a Towel; 9. a Promise; and 10. a Secret.
Happy New Year Human Masters

Our Year in 2019

“The way we spend our time defines who we are.” Jonathan Estrin
It is the end of another year. Goodbye 2019 and hello 2020. That means only one thing. It’s time for the Frozen Fruit Co annual review. That time of year when we look back on what 2019 meant to us and we list and share some of our favorite things from the last year. Enjoy.

Our Year in 2019

2019 was the year of “grocery pints” for us (we know, super exciting buzzword). It was the year that we launched our range of wholesale grocery pints into stores across Los Angeles. Now you may be thinking : “that is not very interesting“, but for us it is super exciting. That’s because when we started Frozen Fruit Co we never thought it would be possible to make what we do in the store and then sell it in grocery stores. Why? Well, because when we started Frozen Fruit Co we were a soft serve concept. We had only four flavors and two soft serve machines. Soft Serve, if you don’t know, does not really lend itself very well to grocery pint production. That and we only had four flavors. Fast forward 2 and a half years and we completely changed our operating model. Gone were the soft serve machines and in its placed we changed to becoming a “vegan plant based ice cream maker”. The main difference being the type of machinery we used to make our “ice cream” (for those interested, ice cream making requires batch freezing; soft serve requires continuous freezing – the two processes led to very different outcomes).
This one change completely opened up our “cooking” process. We could now develop new flavors (like coffee, salted chocolate, lemon creme, banana bread, mango lassi, matcha, and so on) all because we were not limited by what soft serve machines could or could not handle. It also meant we could now start filling grocery pints. Yay.
In March 2018, we launched into Erewhon with three flavors – Chocolate, Chocolate Mint and Passion Fruit (in case you are wondering why we didn’t launch with Salted Chocolate it was because we came up with that flavor after we got over 1,000 chocolate labels printed – hand smack!). In March, we launched into Erewhon and we haven’t looked back since. The thing we are most proud of is the fact that we list all of the ingredients that go into our “ice cream” on the front of the packaging. Something no-one else in the freezer aisles does because they contain so many ingredients, or their first ingredient is water (water is free people – it is there to make the product cheaper and lower quality).
Our goal for 2020 is to launch with three new flavors – Salted Chocolate, Lemon Creme and Coffee (yes, Coffee!). If you have any recommendations then be sure to message us: hello@frozenfruitco.com.

Our Favorite Things in 2019

Favorite Moment

Aside from having a baby (obviously), finally, selling both of our Soft Serve Machines in March 2019 (those things were heavy and took up a lot of room). Selling these also kind of officially moved us to being an “ice cream” maker.

Favorite Customer

Rotini the Pig. Yep, you read that right: Rotini the Pig. This not-so-little pink fellow stole our hearts at the Animals Rights March in August 2019. Our ice cream truck (“Truckie”) attended the event and Rotini not only got his own ice cream, but stole and ate two other people’s as well. Rotini, we salute you. If you want you can follow Rotini on Instagram (yep, he has his own Instagram) –  https://www.instagram.com/myveganpig/

Favorite Flavor

This is so so hard, but if you have to pin us down we would say Lemon Creme, followed by Matcha and then Salted Chocolate.

Favorite Truck Event

The Guinea Pig Festival. All those little guys were just so cute.

Favorite Instagram Photo

Truckie and a Giant Dog

Truckie and a Giant Dog

Least Favorite Truck Moment

Getting our Truck to pass SMOG. It took over a month to achieve and we had to replace many parts, but it now produces less emissions than a brand new gas car which is pretty amazing for a Truck made in 1991.

Favorite Riddle

“If you have me you want to share me. If you share me, you haven’t got me” (can you guess the answer)

Favorite Song

DJ Kalid – “Better”

Craziest Truck Event

Rufus Du Sol Concert, literally for the sheer number of people and how much the truck vibrated from the music (we didn’t know music went that loud).

Favorite Topping

The giant vegan marshmallows because: (1) we don’t have them very often; and (2) they are giant!

What were your favorite moments in 2019. We want to know. Share in the comments below.
Big Love
Frozen Fruit Co
P.S. don’t forget to go and find some of our grocery pints at all Erewhon locations, Besties Vegan Paradise and Clark’s Nutrition.